About the Center

The center started its work in the year 1994 in a new building that fits around 500 students and is built on an area of 12000 m2, in which two thirds are for laboratories and workshops while the rest is for theoretical study and administration.

Mission Qualifying students in a manner that allows him to take the Technical Baccalaureate and Technician Super tests, providing training and retraining opportunities, raising the student's level of competence and helping in developing functional and technical skills and qualifications of workers in the different sectors of production.   

The Makassed Philanthropic Islamic Association of Beirut founded a higher technical school Abed El Hadi El Debs Vocational Center in commemoration of the late Abed El Hadi Mohammad Khair El Debs, the business man and benefactor that annually donated to the center and entrusted his children to continue this gesture after his death.

Majors and Degrees the center Provides

Majors and degrees the center provides for students:

Leading to technical Baccalaureate
- Electronics

- Electricity
- Industrial Mechanics
- Electricity
- HVAC (Heating Ventilation and Air conditioning)
- Architecture
- Interior Design
- Graphic Design
- Information Technology
- Accounting
- Preschool Education

Leading to Technician Super

- Electronics
- Graphic Design

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  1. hey , I want to know if I take the BT3 degree and go outside of Lebanon to go study in a university in europe , will they accept this degree ? or they gonna reject me simply? pls I need to know , thx. (or even a university in lebanon).